Disney's Vision, Pixar's Heart, and A Keen Eye For Detail

Hi!  My name is Brandon Santoro, and I’m a director and show writer with a focus on theatre and themed entertainment.

That’s right, I’m the kid that destroyed his backyard at 10 years old to stage a night-time spectacular inspired by Disney’s “Fantasmic!”  No space was safe from my extreme makeovers; I turned my school into a haunted house, my basement into a dark ride, and my living room into Radio City Music Hall.  I take pride in being the only pre-teen I know that asked his grandmother for fog machines and strobe lights as Christmas presents.

Over the years, my pensions for details and effective storytelling have landed me positions ranging from stage and event management to hosting and live performance.  I am nothing if not adventurous, so I’ve become known as “one of those people that just does everything.”  One moment I’ll be whipping up a mean graphic design for a show’s posters and playbills, and the next I’ll be writing a full-length musical for the children’s theater program I started in high school.  I've been an artistic director, a lighting designer, and even a referee for cage matches against giant Easter bunnies.

In my spare time, I love to rave about the latest movie and theme park news, while pitching new attractions to anyone silly enough to listen.

Specialties: Directing, acting, singing, show writing, teaching, team-building, event hosting, stage managing, interviewing, proof-reading, graphic design for print and web.